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At Prescription Relief we understand the importance of receiving the highest amount of medical care especially for those unable to afford health insurance. Dedication to patients, coupled with an effective and timely approach, are the basis for why thousands are choosing Prescription Relief above all other patient assistance programs. We promise our patients reliability and diligence in completing all their advocacy needs. Many people are not aware of the money that they could be saving on prescription medication and as our patients needs change, our advocates are trained to mediate all application needs. This understanding of the industry enables us to easily navigate through health plan limitations, inadequate benefits and high deductible plans that make health care cost-prohibitive.

About Prescription Relief



Prescription Relief was founded on principles of creating a solution for so many hindered by our healthcare system that lets patients be placed on the same even playing field as the rest of society subscribed to healthcare services.  At Prescription Relief, we believe that it should not matter whether you are covered by insurance or not, you should still be able to be treated with the outmost care and support regardless of your financial background. We are bringing humanity back to healthcare services! We do not view our enrollees as customers but members of an elite group that refuses to succumb to the pressures of making ends meet in order to be able to afford the overly priced medication required to be productive members of society.

As ordinary members of society just like you reading this, we understand what it means to not be able to afford medication for your sick children, parents or grandparents. The changes that have occurred to our healthcare system left many wondering how they will make ends meet but we are the justice that you have been looking for. When you enroll for our services, you are guaranteed to save from 20% to 80% on all prescription costs and be paired with your own individual advocate that will never falter to deliver the highest amount of success in obtaining all your prescription needs at the lowest cost to you. 

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