5 Issues To Consider, About Rising Prescription Costs

Perhaps, one of the most disgusting aspects of our political system, is, the tendency, many politicians, seem to have, to use, labels, and our fears, as their weapon to oppose, certain, needed, necessary changes! After all, why should anyone, we have elected, to serve and represent us, oppose, finding a way, to control, restrict, and address, the crisis, of run – away, prescription drugs costs? Every year, the costs of prescription drugs, as well as the corresponding, insurance costs, rises, sometimes, in a significant way! How does it add, to the conversation, when, instead of introducing, an alternative approach, we hear rhetoric, calling any controls, socialist, etc? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 issues/ ideas, to consider, towards a goal, of a better way.

1. Price controls: Isn’t it interesting, the same, President, who constantly uses, tariffs (or the threats of them), as a political and economic weapon, refer to controlling the run – away costs of prescription medicines, as un – American/ Socialist? Why should we pay, so much more, for the same drugs, as most of the rest of the world? With that in mind, we should, seriously, consider, creating legislation, which states, manufacturers, cannot charge more than 1.2 times more, for the same medications, as they do, in the 5 largest, other nation’s markets.

2. The development/ incentive consideration: Many, opposing the previous approach, state it would harm, manufacturer’s incentives, to develop new, necessary drugs. However, even if we accept this premise (which makes less sense, the more you consider it), why shouldn’t those costs, be spread, throughout the world, rather than paid, entirely by our citizens?

3. Permit purchasing from other countries: Some suggest making it easier, to buy, prescription drugs, from other nations. However, while, in the shorter – term, this might be beneficial, it may be limited, because, the supplies, offered, in these other nations, might be insufficient. The other factor would be, controlling, quality controls, etc.

4. Public/ private options: A logical first – step, would be, passing legislation, permitting the government, to negotiate directly, with these manufacturers, in order to get lower pricing. Begin this with those on Medicare, and, then, gradually, implement a system, similar to the one, listed, in the first discussed, issue!

5. No one’s life should be threatened, because of costs!: It’s wrong for costs, to, threaten, the health, and well – being, of our citizens! Unless/ until, we do something, sooner, rather than later, to address this necessity, many will find it, unaffordable!

Let’s demand better! Begin by developing sane approaches, which, are fair, to the manufacturers, while helping individuals, afford quality care, and access!