6 Natural Cures for Hypertension, No Prescription Drugs

There are many natural ways to lower high blood pressure. Most Doctors are trained to prescribe pharmaceuticals and are often unaware of the many natural ways that exist to lower blood pressure. prescription drugs have many long term side effects and if you suffer from hypertension you owe it to yourself to research and find out the many natural and holistic ways that exist to cure hypertension. At a minimum you should consult with your doctor to ensure that you can supplement the prescription drugs with natural remedies.

Natural remedies to cure Hypertension

Don’t shy away from natural remedies. As a natural health advocate, I have seen many individuals who have lowered their pressure solely on natural remedies. There is growing interest in natural ways to lower high blood pressure as prescription drugs becomes more and more expensive and with more and more side effects. Lets take a look at 6 natural remedies used to fight this disease successfully.

6 Secrets to Naturally Cure High Hypertension

1. Garlic Supplement- A member of the lily family in plants and can be used for both medicinal and cooking purposes. Used when cooking, in salads, as a syrup or in supplement form, Garlic is very popular and when used, it has proven to lower the risk of atherosclerosis which in turn will lower the risk of stroke and heart disease. Garlic promotes healthy blood circulation and keeps the blood at the right level of thickness. This herb also helps prevent cancer if it is taken on a regular basis. The only side effects of Garlic is bad breathe. However, cured garlic in supplement form can be used on a regular basis with no bad breath.

2. L-Argine- An amino acid found in meats, soy and wheat products. It promotes healthy blood circulation, regulates pressure and helps maintain good cholesterol.

3. Hawthorn Extract – This is a plant from the rose family. It is one of the most popular and effective natural ways to lower high blood pressure It can be found around the world but is a native plant of the northern European region. The Hawthorn Extract is available in capsule form. Hawthorn is normally used in healing and strengthen the heart after a mild heart failure, it helps the heart muscle when it is weakened or too tired. It can also be taken as a preventative agent against diseases of the cardiovascular system.

4. Valerian –  Sometimes called the anti stress herbal supplement. It is also known to help individuals suffering from sleep disorders, anxiety and depression. A very good herb for the nervous system. Along with all these, this herb regulates the compensatory systems which control your blood pressure. It has a calming effect and gives a sense of peace, regular heart rate and lower anxiety. Its available in capsules , tea, liquid extracts or tablets.

5. Potassium Supplement – This substance is required by the body more so it is a important in regulating and fighting this diseases. Potassium is important in heart muscle function and the nervous system. Potassium is food based and as such you should consumer foods that are high in potassium. Potassium supplements are available and should be consumed as part of your supplement regimen.

6. Mega Magnesium- The DASH Diet ( Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension ) highly promotes the consumption of magnesium as an integral part of the diet. This is because Magnesium helps lower blood pressure and provides support to the muscle, nerves and heart. It is also good in strengthen the bones and teeth. Eating food rich in magnesium is highly recommended, however if these foods are hard to come by , then 500mg of magnesium per day will do.

There you have it the 6 main natural ways to lower high blood pressure (hypertension). This is by no way a complete list and there are many successes with many other supplements, but this article is to small to write about them all. You can find out many more by visiting our website. These 6 natural remedies will get you on your way to keep your pressure under control.

Cheers to you health.