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At Prescription Relief we understand the importance of receiving the highest amount of medical care especially for those unable to afford health insurance. Dedication to patients, coupled with an effective and timely approach, are the basis for why thousands are choosing Prescription Relief above all other patient assistance advocates. We promise our patients reliability and diligence in completing all their medication savings support and needs.

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Assistance for 1 Medication


On Approval$4995Monthly
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Assistance for 1 Medication
  • Mail-order Refills Every 90 Days
Assistance for 3 Medications


On Approval$6995Monthly
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Assistance for 2-3 Medications
  • Mail-order Refills Every 90 Days
Assistance for 5 Medications


On Approval$8995Monthly
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Assistance for 4-5 Medications
  • Mail-order Refills Every 90 Days

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We work directly with pharmaceutical assistance programs to assist in the process to receive savings on brand-name medications. We provide research, preparation, filing, managing and renewing grant, aid and other healthcare assistance programs for the aid assistance. Our substantial experience in navigating the assistance process quickly, and without error, to get approval is one of the best benefits of working with Prescription Relief.
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“The friendly advocate and simple process makes you relax in knowing I have somebody who knows what they are doing to help me. I have spent hundreds a month on insulin for my diabetes most of my life, but it’s not something I have been worrying about ever since I signed up!”

Claude Tashmen

Claude Tashmen

59 years

“I have an excellent Patient advocate that worked with me to provide me with the lowest possible costs my insulin’s. I am very happy with their work and all the help received from Lisbeth she was great and so was the rest of the people I spoke to. Thank you guys 5 Stars!”

Ketrin Jenkins

Ketrin Jenkins

66 years

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