Mondays Man….Amirite? Also: Sometimes We Do Stupid Sh*t.

Hey guys – HAPPY APRIL and HAPPY….. spring?
The first day of spring brought snow and followed by a short week and holiday weekend.  
Easter/Passover weekend kicked off Friday night and well into the early hours of Saturday morning -with several bad sites, resulting in multiple omnipod site changes – including one a few minutes before 5 a.m.
Can somebody please invent a Dead Spot Detector, STAT!!! 
Saturday required copious amounts of caffeine, completing deadline that I had planned to start at 9 a.m. on the dot, but didn’t start until closer to noon. But I did it!
And finally, trying on and ordering much needed new prescription RX sunglasses at a great price — and to match my new prescription specs – also purchased at a great price.
More on a good deal re: fancy and much needed new RX eye wear once I see (also, see what I did there,) if my second pair works out.  

 Easter Sunday was peaceful and involved a 3 mile beach hike on the one seasonably/warm day in forever, lots of sea glass and Easter chocolate. Yep, it was a good day. 

Then Monday came along. Mondays, man…. amirite? 
Yesterday was most certainly a Monday – and involved me receiving ten stitches on the top of my foot. 
Sometimes, we do stupid shit. 
Like, breaking a glass on Saturday – and even though you swept and vacuumed, DO NOT walk around barefoot — and if you wear glasses because you’re blind as a bat – WEAR THEM.  

And if you spill tortilla chips on the floor; then think you stepped on one of the chips as you grab the dust pan to clean up, then wipe said “chip” from the bottom of your right foot to the top of your other foot, (and think for one split second , look how dexterous my toes are,) and before you bend over start sweeping up – MAKE SURE IT’S A DAMN TORTILLA CHIP – and not a freaking shard of glass. 
Also, even if you clean the big ass cut on the top of your foot with cold water and antibacterial everything — do not wipe it down with alcohol IV Prep pads — because the sticky stuff will get all over and make your cut look weird, and you will start to freak — until you remember that’s there’s sticky stuff on the IV Prep Pad. 
Then you have to clean it all over again, apply pressure, and keep your balance/embrace your inner contortionist while doing all of the above. 
Also, your heart will beat super fast as all of this is happening and you might feel a little nausea when you see all the blood.
ALSO: When in doubt, get checked out. 
I went to UrgentCare because I wanted to make sure the big old cut on top of my foot was clean and bacteria free – you could have knocked me over with a feather when they told me t required stitches – 10 of them. 
That would be when I freaked a bit – OK, a lot a bit. 
Because quite frankly, I’d remained weirdly calm from the time I cut myself; cleaned myself up, drove to UrgentCare, and right up until the moment they told me I needed stitches. 
Living with type 1 for as long as I have and knowing about what can happen when it comes to our feet, I couldn’t hold back anymore. 

Yep, the waterworks started. 

The Positive: I texted friends to mentally calm myself – like if I was going to bleed out, at least a few friends what was going on
My friends are indeed good and they eased my mind.
The nurses were kind, and the Doctor on call administering the stitches was an extremely talented (and very sweet,) retired cardiac surgeon  – so you know my scar is going to look fierce! 

My blood sugars behaved quite nicely and I appreciated that. 

Rest, Ice, and elevation for the first few days – and walking around in sneakers – the left one knotted on the side, not laced on top, all week.

It looks like stepping up my spring cardio will be postponed until I get my stitches out next Tuesday. Speaking of steps… as in walking, National Walk to Work Day is on April 6th — which is more like "National Walk at Work," week for most. Either or – read my article about it, HERE

Today was better than yesterday, tomorrow will be better than today, and I am a lucky duck, indeed~