My GTMH Bag… That Goes Inside My Big Bag

We all have our own diabetes idiosyncrasies – I certainly have mine! 
They make us feel safe, keep us organized – even if they can occasionally annoy the crap out of us!
I was leaving a meeting the other night — walking down the darkened hallway, the last out the door — besides the organizer and a couple of stragglers. 
I reached inside my work bag to make sure that I had my Omnipod PDM before walking out the door and to my car. 
I’d tossed my PDM (in its funky Owl PDM case),in my work bag after checking my blood sugar during the meeting, but hadn’t placed in the zippered “Go-To / Must Have,” bag ( and which shall be referred to as my GTMH Bag for the rest of this post), I keep in my work bag. 

My CGMH Bag contains my phone, wallet, pod ppm/test-strips case, an extra tube of glucose tabs, and lipsticks in various shades because I’m all about options.
Yes, bags/cases, inside bags. Say what you want, but that medium size zippered bag keeps all my important must-haves in one spot and prevents them from spilling all over, inside a jam-packed big-ass bag. And that works for me. 
Also: D-Bags are important!
Also: HA-HA  

Earlier, I’d checked my blood sugar during the meeting and on the sly and hadn’t put it back in the GTMH Bag 
I felt around my work bag and knowing it wasn’t in the GTMH Bag. 
I couldn’t find it. And I started to get a little nervous, but I played it cool. 
“Wait one-second and sorry guys, let me just make sure I have my insulin pod’s PDM,” I said all nonchalant and while my heart was beating a million miles per minute  
I knelt down, slightly embarrassed and full on determined to be quick about it. 
I stuck my hand in my bag and felt around, finally finding my pod case next to my notebook and a KIND bar — safe and sound and exactly where I’d put it. 

Me: FOUND IT and sorry for the hold up, guys.
Sally: That’s OK – it took 10 seconds! It must be hard always having to carry stuff around.
Me: Nahhh, not hard. Well OK, sometimes it is. 
A necessity that I’m grateful to have – even if it comes with some crap annoying moments. We all have stuff to deal — mine happens to involves extra electronicals, food, and other D stuff. 

And then we said our goodnights, walked to our perspective cars and  people started driving off.  
Right after I looked my doors and put the key in the ignition, but before put I put my car in DRIVE and headed home, I turned on the overhead light and made sure that all my important items were in the my GTMH Bag.
Phone, wallet, extra roll of glucose tabs and lipstick case — all where they should be.
Then I grabbed my pod PDM/test-strips case, tucked it in my medium GTMH bag, zipped it up tight, and placed it back in my work bag.

All was right in my world and I was good to go~