Product Review: FootMedix

When you are living with diabetes, taking care of your feet is a vital component of keeping yourself healthy and preventing future issues. Inspecting your feet every day and seeking medical attention if you have an injury are obvious ways to stay on top of your foot care, but how else can you properly tend to your extremities? FootMedix is a medically formulated cream that assists in healing and protecting severely dry and cracked feet by stimulating new skin growth.

“The key was using a revolutionary compound known as hEGF, or human epidermal growth factor,” said Dr. David Watts, creator and founder of Footmedix and Medical Director and CEO at Watts Plastic Surgery Association. “This is a powerful growth factor that actually tells your skin to heal itself. It’s honestly one of the most amazing compounds I’ve ever tested.”

Aside from containing hEGF, a Nobel Prize-winning ingredient that opens the blood vessels to greatly increase blood flow, FootMedix also contains moisturizing shea butter and antibacterial tea tree oil, as well as the antifungal perspiration blocker dimethicone. Living with diabetes creates a perfect storm for foot issues, which is why it is so important to stay vigilant about foot care on a daily basis. Applying this cream to dry areas twice a day can help increase circulation and leave skin stronger and smoother, as well as help prevent fissures and cracking.

“Best of all, when the pain is gone and the feet are smooth and healthy, it just changes people’s lives,” said Dr. Watts. “They can walk again, play with kids and grandkids, and have confidence about the way their feet look and feel.”

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