Assistance For 1 Brand Medication

Payment Assistance
Assistance For 1 Prescription Drug

Payment Assistance For 1 Brand Medication

We work directly with pharmaceutical assistance programs to assist in the process to receive savings on brand-name medications. Our Classic service provides prescription assistance for one medication.
Once you have received your medication, your on-going cost will only be the monthly payment of $49.95.

About Classic Support

Prescription Relief is an administrative processing service. We provide research, preparation, filing, managing and renewing grant, aid and other healthcare assistance programs for the aid & assistance. Our substantial experience in navigating the assistance process quickly, and without error, to get approval is one of the best benefits of working with Prescription Relief.

In addition, our services rendered to our patients include, but are not limited to: program eligibility research, regular emails & phone calls to the patient, requirement inquiries to the assistance programs, requests for patient’s pharmacy documentation, queries to physician and insurance carriers and much more.

Our Specialists:

The process can be complicated because we work directly with you, your doctor, your pharmacy and the assistance program to obtain a substantial amount of documentation related to income records, signed physician authorizations and other materials various programs require.